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Best wireless chargers for Android and iPhone in 2023

Jun 18, 2023

With the constant improvement in the smartphone market, it has become a lot easier to get a smartphone with wireless charging support without breaking the bank. There are various good mid-range smartphones that let you take advantage of wireless charging capabilities.

Wireless charging is a convenient tech that allows you to bid farewell to messy charging cables. Simply place your smartphone on a wireless charging stand or pad and that’s it. The only thing is companies do not bundle a wireless charger with smartphones. But you need not worry as we are here to help.

Here are the best wireless chargers that you can buy for Android and iPhone in 2023. All of these chargers are Qi-compatible wireless chargers and some of them are Apple’s MagSafe compatible. The latter means you can charge your iPhone wirelessly at 15W. Otherwise, the speed will be reduced to 7.5W.

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