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Shargeek Launches 170W 24000mAh Cyber Prism Power Bank with Two

Jul 29, 2023

You might know Shargeek for its flashy “Cyberpunk” accessories. The Chinese manufacturer now operates under a new name—Sharge. One of the first products under the new branding is the Cyber Prism power bank, which boasts a 170W output and a 24000mAh capacity. It also features a distinct semi-transparent design and supports the PD3.1 fast-charging protocol. Here are the details.

Like other products from Sharge, formerly Shargeek, the Cyber Prism power bank has a transparent design that allows you to see its internal components. It also has a digital screen that displays information such as the charging output, remaining battery life, and other relevant data. The power bank supports 140W of two-way fast charging.

To achieve 140W output, you need to use it with a Flash Pole 140W multi-port charger and a 240W fast charging cable. If you use a PD3.0 charger, the self-charging speed will be capped at 100W.

The power bank can output a total of 170W, split between 140W for charging other devices and 30W for self-charging. It supports simultaneous charging for multiple devices and has a capacity of 24000mAh. It is the first power bank to support the PD3.1 fast charging protocol, and it is also compatible with the PD3.0 protocol. It also supports other fast charging protocols such as PPS, QC, SCP, and FCP. This makes it compatible with a wide range of devices.

The power bank is water-resistant. The internal components are coated with a water-resistant material, and the outer shell can withstand splashes of water, such as raindrops or water droplets. The Sharge 170W Cyber Prism portable charger is now available for pre-order in China. The pre-order price is 799 Yuan ($109), and the deposit is 50 Yuan. The charger will be available for purchase on September 28th.