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We love Ugreen's GaN USB

Nov 11, 2023

Amazon is offering some great deals on some of premium accessory maker Ugreen’s best wall, desktop and power-strip USB PD (power delivery) chargers—many of which we have recommended in PCWorld’s roundup of the best USB-C laptop chargers, and those of our sister sites Macworld and Tech Advisor.

All of the chargers are built using the latest Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology that enables them to be smaller and more efficient than older silicon tech because they run cooler. This also means that they can charge devices faster and with less heat dissipation than traditional chargers.

Ugreen’s USB-C chargers are compatible with Windows, Chromebook, and Mac laptops, plus Android and iOS phones and tablets as well as other USB-C devices.

Ugreen’s ultra-compact phone and laptop USB-C wall chargers are included in the week-long deal. Wall chargers plug directly into the wall power socket, and all feature foldable plugs.


These range in power from 30W to the PCWorld-recommended Ugreen Nexode 65W USB-C Charger, which features three device-charging ports: two USB-C and one USB-A. You can charge a laptop at the full 65W or distribute the charge across two or all three ports—for example, 45W to a laptop and the other two ports delivering 8.5W to phones or tablets. In a two-device setup, one USB-C port could deliver 45W and the other 20W.

The Ugreen Nexode 65W USB-C Charger is discounted 40% from $49.99 to just $29.99.

The single-port Ugreen Nexode 30W USB-C Charger also boasts a 40% discount, from $19.99 to $11.99.

Offering more charging power, the two-port Ugreen Nexode 45W USB-C Charger features a 35% discount, from $39.99 to $25.99.

If you have a larger laptop or need even more power to spread across devices, the four-port Ugreen Nexode 100W USB-C Wall Charger also features in our Best Laptop Charger roundup, plus Macworld’s Best MacBook Charger feature. This charger is discounted from $74.99 to $44.99 (an appreciable 40% off the retail price).

With three ports but a USB PD 3.1 port that can charge at 140W, the PCWorld-recommended Ugreen Nexode 140W Wall Charger sees a 36% price drop from $109.99 to $69.99.


Three more Ugreen GaN chargers also feature in the PCWorld list of recommended laptop chargers.

The six-port Ugreen Nexode 200W Desktop Charger is a desktop rather than wall charger, with 3.5-foot cable. It can charge a 100W laptop and still have the same power remaining to charge multiple other devices. It sees a 35% price drop from $199.99 to just $129.99.

Ugreen also offers two power-strip extenders that feature power sockets plus USB ports.

The DigiNest 65W is a four-port and two AC-plug charger in a space-saving cube shape. Its price drops from $69.99 to $43.99.

Finally, the Ugreen DigiNest 100W is a more powerful charging strip with four USB ports and three AC plug sockets. At Amazon this week you can pick up this handy charger with a 41% discount, from $109.99 to $64.99.

Simon was Editor of Macworld from the dark days of 1995 to the triumphant return of Steve Jobs and the launch of the iPhone. His desk is a test bench for tech accessories, from USB-C and Thunderbolt docks to chargers, batteries, Powerline adaptors and Fitbits.

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