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6 Best Wireless Chargers for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Jun 09, 2023

Despite its diminutive form factor, the Galaxy Z Flip5 supports wireless charging. If you dislike cable clutter, you will surely appreciate this feature. Moreover, Samsung has not skimped on the charging speed as you get 15W fast wireless charging support with the handset. Needless to say, prospective buyers might be on the fence about the best wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5.

Well, fret not – we’ve got your back! From flat pads to mini charging stands specifically made for Samsung’s latest Flip smartphone, we’ve included a plethora of options. So, browse through the list and get the Galaxy Z Flip5 wireless charger that’s best suited to your needs. You can consider factors like where you’re going to place the charger and how many devices you want to charge before zeroing in on an option. But before that –

Charging speed: 10W


If you look for a wireless charger on Amazon, you’ll likely encounter the Yootech wireless charger as the primary recommendation. The same can be attributed to the fact that there are close to 200,000 reviews for the product — most of which are positive.

The Yootech flat-style wireless charger has a plastic construction with a rubber ring around the perimeter. The ring ensures your phone stays in place when kept on the charger.

The rubber ring is accompanied by an LED strip that illuminates every time you rest your phone on it. Don’t worry; charging your Z Flip5 won’t disturb your good night’s sleep. The LED only lights up for a few seconds before turning off. Hence, you can use the Yootech wireless charger on your bedside table seamlessly.

As for charging, this wireless charging pad can charge your Galaxy Z Flip5 at 10W. Notably, users in the reviews section cite that the Yootech wireless charger is extremely reliable despite being affordable. If you’re on a tight budget, the Yootech wireless charger will serve you well for years to come.

Charging speed: 15W


If you prefer the design of the Yootech wireless charger but want faster charging speeds, Belkin’s wireless charger is the way to go. It offers a faster charging output of 15W which is the max supported wireless charging speed on the Galaxy Z Flip5.

Just like the Yootech charger, the Belkin wireless charging pad sports a rubberized texture to keep your phone in place. It doesn’t have any fancy LEDs, though. Instead, it opts for a minimalistic look that can fit into most environments. If fast wireless charging is your preference and you don’t care about design, the Belkin charging pad fits the bill perfectly.

Belkin also bundles a charging adapter and a USB-C cable with the pad itself. For those looking to keep distractions at bay, a flat wireless charging pad such as the one offered by Belkin can be incredibly useful. The fact that the charging will pause as soon as you lift the phone can put you off from using the device until it’s absolutely necessary.

Charging speed: 15W


Most run-of-the-mill wireless chargers cater to a wide variety of smartphones. However, the Geyo wireless charger is specially designed for Samsung’s Z Flip range. As a result, the company’s wireless charger fits the Z Flip5 perfectly.

Vertical wireless charging stands typically have their coils located in the center. As a result, you may not be able to use them to charge the Galaxy Z Flip5 since the phone is rather small. The Geyo wireless charger addresses this issue by shrinking the size of the pad to match Flip5’s dimensions.

Despite being small, the Geyo wireless charger can top up your Galaxy Z Flip5 at the max supported speed of 15W. Additionally, you can conveniently carry the Geyo wireless charger even while traveling, as it doesn’t take up too much space in your backpack.

If anything, some consumers cite that the Geyo wireless charger doesn’t adhere to the advertised charging speeds. That said, if you want a stylish wireless charger for the Flip5, you’ll find plenty to like here.

Charging speed: 10W


Some people may not like flat wireless charging pads because they obstruct the view of the screen. If you fall under the same umbrella, the iOttie Ion wireless charging stand is a good option. To that end, the Ion’s vertical charging tray is enveloped in premium fabric, giving it a classy look.

The iOttie Ion wireless charger can output 10W of power. While that’s not the optimum 15W supported by the Z Flip5, you may want to consider the Ion for its aesthetics. A quick look at the Qi-enabled wireless charging pad, and you would know exactly what we’re talking about.

Unlike most generic wireless chargers, iOttie has specifically focused on the design language of the Ion charging pad. As a result, you get a nice-looking desk accessory that also doubles up as a charging stand for your Galaxy Z Flip5. iOttie is also kind enough to bundle a USB-C cable and a charging adapter with the retail packaging, which is excellent.

Charging speed: 15W


If you’re looking for an all-in-one charging solution, look no further than the Samsung Wireless Charger Trio. It’s a 3-in-1 wireless charger that can juice up your Galaxy Z Flip5, a pair of wireless earbuds, and a Galaxy Watch — all at once.

Simply place your Galaxy Z Flip5 on any section of the Trio, and it will automatically start charging. In fact, you can also rest any other phone or TWS earbuds on the charging surface to charge the device simultaneously. As such, you can place your gadgets anywhere on the mat without worrying about positioning them precisely on top of the coil.

On the right, the charger comes with a groove to place your Samsung Galaxy Watch. Think of the Samsung Trio as a charging hub that you can use to recharge your entire ecosystem of products. The best part is that you can charge the Galaxy Z Fold5 wirelessly at the top speed of 15W when using the included adapter and cable.

If you want a useful desktop accessory or a charging hub next to your bed, the Samsung Wireless Charging Trio should be your go-to option.

Charging speed: 10W


A simple wireless charger may not always fit your requirement. That’s where the Omni 20+ all-in-one charging dock comes in handy. You can tether it to a wall outlet to use as a standard wireless charger. When required, the Omni 20+ can also turn into a portable battery pack that can even power large devices like laptops.

While the top surface of the Omni power bank supports wireless charging, there’s much more to this excellent travel companion. In fact, the Omni 20+ is like a Swiss Army knife of chargers. The AC, DC, and USB-C charging sockets present on the sides of the Omni 20+ ensure that you can plug in even powerful devices such as laptops, cameras, drones, etc. Moreover, you can charge your phone wirelessly while recharging other devices through the socket simultaneously.

The Omni Charging Station ships with an OLED display which can help keep track of the unit’s battery level. You can even get insights on the adapter input and output power via the display. That’s not all; the Omni 20+ can even be charged under solar power!

Last but not least, the 20+ moniker indicates the massive 20,000mAh capacity of the power bank, which is useful when you’re out and about. Suffice it to say, the Omni 20+ Charging Station is a feature-packed power bank and the perfect charging solution for not just your Flip5, but also other devices.

Wireless chargers make topping up your gadgets less of a chore. Of course, the convenience comes at the cost of slower charging. If that’s a tradeoff you’re willing to make, you can pick up any of the best wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 mentioned above to juice up your phone without any cables.

Last updated on 29 July, 2023

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