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Anker Introduces New Prime Series Chargers with GaN Technology

Nov 14, 2023

Anker has announced its latest line of chargers, the Prime Series, which utilizes Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology for better performance. These chargers are smaller, more portable, and more powerful than traditional adapters that come with our personal devices, making them an ideal charging solution.

The flagship product in the Prime Series is the 240W Desktop Charger, which features four ports – three USB-C and one USB port – allowing for simultaneous charging of up to four devices. According to Anker, this charger can power two MacBook Pros, an iPhone, and an iPad at full capacity, with power to spare for another device. Its compact design eliminates the need for multiple bulky chargers, and it even comes with a vertical mount.

For those who prefer a slightly less powerful option, Anker has also released a range of other charging accessories as part of the Prime Series. This includes a 67W GaN Wall Charger and a 100W wireless charging base.

Anker’s Prime Series chargers offer competitive pricing compared to other premium brands on the market. They are built to last, with reviewers noting their durability and longevity. The chargers are designed to be compact and pocketable, with the 100W three-port charger being 45% smaller than Apple’s single-port 96W charger, while delivering more wattage output and incorporating GaN technology for more efficient charging.

With the introduction of the Prime Series chargers, Anker aims to provide consumers with reliable, powerful, and portable charging solutions that can meet the increasing demands of our personal devices. Whether you need to charge multiple devices simultaneously or prefer a smaller charger with high output, Anker’s Prime Series has a charger to suit your needs.