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This monster power bank can charge 6 Apple devices at once

Jun 19, 2024

By Cult of Mac Deals • 6:30 am, August 21, 2023

Power banks prove convenient for workers on the go, but they can also be a literal lifesaver during extended power outages or natural disasters. Now Apple users can get a next-gen charger that can effectively charge everything from AirPods to MacBook Pros for just $229.99 — the Flash Pro Plus.

In addition to those two Apple products, it also works with iPad, iPhone (including wireless charging) and Apple Watch. In fact, this 25,000mAh monster — which can charge up to six devices at once — might be the ultimate power bank for Apple fans.

Powered by Panasonic tech, this charging bank surged onto the market after its Indiegogo campaign raised more than $600,000. The result is a long-lasting, portable battery that’s not only powerful but loaded with features.

First and foremost, there’s the massive 25,000mAh battery capacity. That means you can get more than a full charge on most laptops. Just connect your MacBook via one of the power bank’s three USB-C ports, and let your laptop start slurping up that precious go juice.

What’s more, the power bank’s graphene battery can last up to five years even with daily use. That’s far better than typical lithium-ion batteries achieve.

The maximum output of 190W is tempered by sensors that guard against overheating, delivering a quick charge safely to a range of devices. There are a variety of USB-C ports, plus one 50W USB-A port. Plus, MagSafe makes for quick and easy wireless iPhone charging. Your Apple Watch will also find a special magnetic spot for quick top-ups.

You can even keep track of your charging progress, thanks to an OLED display that tracks the juice flowing from each outlet.

Right now, you can get the Flash Pro Plus for $229.99, more than 25% off the original MSRP.

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