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6 Best Wireless Chargers for the Nothing Phone (2)

Sep 11, 2023

The Nothing Phone (1) was equipped with wireless charging despite being a mid-range smartphone. The Nothing Phone (2) — as expected — retains the feature. So, if you want to avoid clutter on your desk, consider getting a wireless charger for the Nothing Phone (2).

Wireless charging allows you to seamlessly top up your phone’s battery. Just rest your phone on the pad or stand, and you’ll be good to go. While it may not be as fast as wired charging, it is far more convenient. If you’re sold on the idea, here are some of the best Nothing Phone (2) wireless chargers you can buy. But before that –


Wireless chargers come in different shapes and sizes. You can get a vertical charging station, or opt for, say, the Anker 315, which is a basic 10W wireless charging pad that rests flat on any surface. It’s slim and occupies very little space.

The primary reason to get the Anker 315 wireless charger is because it’s affordable and functional. The device ships with a rubber ring enveloping its circumference, which ensures your phone doesn’t slip and fall. Given the low price, Anker has opted for a micro-USB port instead of USB-C, which is a bummer.

Additionally, as is the case with any flat wireless charging pad, you will have to lift your phone to get a peek at your notifications. This, in turn, pauses the charging process. On the upside, reviews cite that the Anker 315 is a reliable wireless charger, especially for the price.


INIU’s wireless charger is more like a stand, which means your phone remains upright and can seamlessly display notifications and other essential info. It has an output rating of 15W, so it can wirelessly charge the Nothing Phone (2) at the best possible speeds.

The biggest advantage of the INIU wireless charger is its stand-like design. As such, the device can be propped on your work desk or your bedside table to display the time. The stand’s design also makes it easy to unlock the Phone (2) or any other smartphone using your fingerprint or face. You can even answer calls without picking up the phone and pausing the charging process, which is great.

INIU includes a USB-C cable with its wireless charger. However, the device doesn’t ship with an adapter, so you will have to purchase a fast charger separately. On the bright side, the onboard temperature monitor ensures both your phone and the charger stay safe while charging. Most reviews for the INIU wireless charger are excellent, with the majority of consumers happy with their purchase.


The iOttie Ion wireless charging stand takes the cake for the best-designed charger on the list. To that end, the device ships with a fabric exterior that looks premium and will accentuate your desk setup. It’s not just about the looks, though. The 10W output can charge your Nothing Phone (2) at a decent pace as well.

If you’re bored of mundane-looking wireless chargers, the Ion charger is the way to go. What’s more, the unit comes with two coils, as opposed to just one on most competing products. As such, the Nothing Phone (2) can be placed in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

Correspondingly, you can prop up the phone horizontally when you want to watch a video, without worrying about restricting the charging process. The icing on the cake is that the company includes an 18W charging brick in the box along with a USB-C cable. On the flip side, the unit cannot fast-charge the Phone (2) at its rated speed.


Samsung’s Wireless Charger Duo is an excellent desk accessory if you have multiple wireless charging devices. If you have a pair of wireless earbuds that support wireless charging, this is pretty much all you need.

The Nothing Ear (2) and several other wireless earbuds support wireless charging. As such, the Wireless Charger Duo makes for an excellent bedside companion. Simply rest both devices on the pad before going to bed, and you will wake up to fully-charged gadgets.

The total output wattage of the charger is 15W which is split across both coils. So, if you’re charging two devices, you won’t hit the maximum rated speed for the Nothing Phone (2). Samsung has also included a fan inside the pad to ensure your gadgets don’t get too hot. Lest we forget, Samsung also bundles in its 25W charging adapter, which is a nice touch.


The Phelinta wireless charging station ups the ante yet again. To that end, the charger can top up three devices simultaneously. So, along with charging the phone, you can charge a pair of earbuds and a smartwatch. It even has a built-in clock!

The addition of a clock makes the Phelinta wireless charger an excellent gadget to keep on your bedside table. The best part is the Phelinta charger eliminates the need for any other charger. It can charge pretty much all your essentials in one go.

However, note that the Phelinta charger cannot charge an Apple Watch. In fact, it can only juice up a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, so ensure you have one if you want to make the most of the Phelinta Wireless Charging station. On the upside, the company hasn’t skimped on accessories, and the wireless charger comes with all the prerequisites to get you started. To wit, the charger ships with a QC 3.0 adapter and a USB-C cable inside the box. As per users, the product is reliable, albeit at 10W, is slightly slow to charge a phone.


Peak Design makes excellent accessories that are both functional and aesthetic. And, the company’s Wireless Charging Stand is no exception to the rule. On that note, the charger looks minimalistic and offers a versatile design that allows customers to use it in two different ways.

Along with being a standard Qi wireless charger, the Peak Design charging stand also supports MagSafe. That’s not all, as the stand comes with a hinge on one end. As such, you can either use the charger in the vertical orientation or fold it to sit flush with your desk.

Consequently, you can orient your phone vertically on the charger and glance through your incoming notifications. And when going to bed, you can rest your phone horizontally to avoid any distractions. Now, as is the case with most products from the brand, the Peak Design Wireless Charging Stand doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it costs substantially more than a standard wireless charger. But if you are a sucker for flexible and elegant design, it might be worth the premium.

Consider getting any of the best wireless chargers for the Nothing Phone (2) from the list above if you’re tired of plugging your phone in every day. Simply drop your phone onto the charging pad, and that’s pretty much it! Oh, you can also say goodbye to dangling wires in the process.

Last updated on 11 July, 2023

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