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Anker Prime 130W & 200W power banks with magnetic base and up to 20,000mAh battery launched

May 26, 2024

Anker has unveiled two magnetic base charging docks with 130W and 200W charging speeds respectively. The two models have battery capacities of 12,000mAh and 20,000mAh respectively. Thanks to their POGO PIN magnetic charging bases, the devices support wireless charging. The other interfaces present in the gadgets are USB-A and USB-C, with each interface adopting an independent DC circuit.

The new Anker Charging Stations adopt the glue-filling process to effectively control the charging heat. This provides improved safety and stability for both gadgets. The models also use AI temperature control technology 2.0 for over-voltage, short circuit, and over-temperature protection. The power bank features a TFT digital display screen which is customizable to suit individual needs. The digital display can show the remaining power, estimated charging time, battery health, and battery temperature, among others.

The new Anker power banks adopt the PowerIQ 3.0 compatible technology that makes it compatible with many smartphone brands and other devices. In terms of comparison, the 20,000mAh model delivers a maximum total output of 200W while the lower model gives a total output of 130W.

The 130W/ 12,000mAh power bank features only two USB-C ports but the higher model comes with an additional USB-A port. The smaller model weighs 360g while the other weighs 535g.

The two new Anker power banks are now available on the shelves in China. The starting price for the products is 449 yuan (~$63). The two new charging gadgets can be purchased from retail platforms like There are no global availability details yet for the two products.