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Keep your passengers juiced up with the Anker PowerDrive III Duo car charger for just $17

Aug 02, 2023

Save nearly half off the original sticker price

The Anker PowerDrive III Duo is a straightforward, no-frills car charger designed to juice up two of your devices simultaneously without compromising on speed. Both of its ports have PowerIQ 3.0 technology and can deliver 20W of power output. This charger can also accommodate virtually any USB C-compatible phone and tablet, and it packs a ton of safety features to protect your devices.

Plenty of today's best Android phones are equipped with impressive batteries, and heavyweights like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and OnePlus 11 can last over a day on a single charge. But as part and parcel of using any smartphone seems to go, they somehow always manage to die in just your most desperate moments — like when you're driving your car, and you need your GPS app to navigate an unfamiliar area. A reliable car charger can get you out of just such a jam, and generally just keep you juiced up while you're in your vehicle, whether in the middle of a road trip or stuck in traffic. The Anker PowerDrive III Duo is ready to be your lifesaver on the road, and for a limited time, you can grab it on Amazon for just $17, or 42% off its original retail price.

For one this charger is manufactured by Anker. For another, it's manufactured by Anker. Seriously, though, everyone and their mother knows that Anker makes some of the best power banks all around, and the company definitely does not disappoint with other charging solutions, like car chargers. This one in particular is developed to quickly top up your device with its PowerIQ 3.0 technology, designed to deliver full-speed charging to smartphones, tablets, and other accessories. It's not really designed to cater to laptops like the beefier PowerDrive+ III Duo, which just so happens to be part of our best car chargers list, but this one is still powerful enough to accommodate a tablet like the iPad Pro.

The PowerDrive III Duo offers two USB-C charging ports to refuel two devices at once, and it can do so without compromising the charging speed. There's a maximum output of 40W, with the ports receiving 20W each. It's equipped with a whole fleet of safety features that will give you peace of mind, including advanced temperature control and overload protection. We also love how it's designed to be inconspicuous, measuring in at less than three inches so as not to disrupt access to the rest of your dashboard.

Car chargers in general are not exactly expensive on the expensive side, but you don't want to end up with a flimsy charger that will barely bring your phone battery up. Take advantage of this Amazon deal while you can, and score the Anker PowerDrive III Duo for only $17.

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