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San Mateo PD Suggests GPS Tracking on Cars to Help Curb the Recent

Nov 08, 2023

As the San Mateo Police Department reports a notable increase in vehicle thefts over the past year according to the San Mateo PD, technology is empowering car owners to fight back. With options ranging from affordable GPS tracking devices to integrated security systems like Tesla's Sentry Mode, today's smart technology promises to curb auto theft prevention.

According to a recent press release by the San Mateo Police Department, the most common vehicles being targeted by thieves include Hyundai cars, work trucks and vans like Ford E-Series, and Dodge Challengers and Chargers due to engineering flaws and design vulnerabilities.

In addition to installing GPS tracking devices, which can range in price from $15 to $30, car owners are encouraged to engage in other preventative measures such as investing in home security cameras, parking in well-lit areas, and removing valuables from inside their vehicles.

One increasingly popular option for safeguarding vehicles is the use of technology that connects directly to owner's smartphones. Devices like Garmin's GPS trackers offer not only monitoring but also the ability to receive alerts in real-time if the vehicle is being tampered with. Should their vehicle be taken, the device will be able to track its whereabouts, ultimately leading to a faster recovery and a greater sense of security for the owner.

Such innovations are not limited to aftermarket devices; some car manufacturers like Tesla offer advanced security systems built right into the vehicle. Tesla's Sentry Mode, for instance, is a feature which when enabled uses the car's external cameras and sensors to detect a security event while the vehicle is parked. This not only deters theft, but also promises potential aid to law enforcement by offering valuable evidence and insight that otherwise might be unavailable.

Furthermore, the use of services like OnStar and LoJack can further boost vehicle security by working in tandem with law enforcement to locate stolen cars. It is crucial, however, for owners to understand the need to actively enable and monitor the security features available to them.

Prevention is often the best form of protection.

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